Reasons Why You Should Visit Hainan Island

Reasons Why You Should Visit Hainan Island, China Before You Die

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The holiday is already coming so where will you spend your holiday this year? Have you ever heard about Hainan Island, the exotic island, in China? This following article will get to know you to the Hawaii of China. In addition, this wonderful island also have many great things to enjoy like foods or cultures. Here are the reasons that will definitely bring you to Hainan Island once in a lifetime. Let’s check this one out!
Firat, if you want to go to Hainan island, there is easy access to the Island. You should not get tired to take a long international flight to go to oversea and continue to some regional airlines or followed with other public transportations. Well, there are easy to fly to Hainan island, there are numerous direct flights from mainland Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China and other easy connections to Australia, Europe, and the US. This is the main reason you should visit Hainan Island when you are still alive. As the Hawaii of China, There are various beautiful beaches that you will not find anywhere around the world with cleared-blue sea water. We recommend you to visit beaches in the area of Yalong Bay, they are really spectacular beaches! However, Hainan’s beaches may not be the right destination for surfing.
Hainan has unique and great food you should try while in Hainan!. There are many culinary that you can taste here. We and recommend you to try some great local foods because it is a priceless experience you should have! Here we have some best local restaurants and culinary you should give a try including Beef Noodles in HuiHui Village, Xinjiang Lambs Kababs and Naan, Shi Wei Guan (Pork Soup). Hainan Island is also a home for tropical fruits that are juicy and delicious! Here you can enjoy various tropical fruits like Jackfruit, Mango, Pineapple, and more. And, the most famous Hainan fruit is Cashew Apple. Do not forget to try! Good weather will give a big impact for your good time and Hainan Island has a good and friendly weather. Here, there are amazing 300 sunny days in a year and the average annual temperature is around 25 Celsius. Good weather with clear blue skies is the perfect time to explore the island. In addition, the good time to visit Hainan Island between November and April. And, the worst months to visit the island is from August to October.

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