Some of the Best Attractions to Find in Hainan China

Some of the Best Attractions to Find in Hainan China

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It is true that Hainan is famous for its romantic travel spots, but that does not mean that the attractions are related with romance all of the time. That is because there are some nice attractions that you can find in Hainan China and all of those spots might not be that closely related with the love and romance. If you are interested, here are some of those best attractions that you can find in Hainan China.

The first one is Yalong Bay. This bay is totally famous because of its length that reaches 7.5 kilometers. Even though this place is good for your romantic travel, this place still offers you many other nice things such as the beauty of the crystal clear water until the depth of 10 meters and the softness of the white sand on the beach. If you are interested in playing golf or sailing, you can also do that kind of activity on this place since there are gold and sailing clubs on this area. The second one is Daxiao Dongtian Scenic Spot. This place is considered as something coming out of the earth. That is because this place is totally unique and amazing to explore and discover. This place has its own histories for over 800 years and that can be seen from the bizarre looking stones on the beach, the scary caves, and also the mountain with the verdant style. Even though this place might seem a bit scary for some people, the sunset from this place is totally amazing.

The next one is Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone. As the name implies, this place is the tourism zone where you can find at sense of thick culture of China, especially on the Hainan area. For your information, one of the best things that you can find on this place is the giant statue of 108 meters. That is the statue of Kwan Yin that was made of three expensive materials; gold, diamond, and jade. Besides that large statue, there are also three theme parks that you can find on this area. This way, you will not need to worry about taking your kids together with you to travel to this place. Those are some of the best spots that you can visit while you are in Hainan China. With all of those nice travel spots, Hainan is not only about love and romance.

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